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Late last year, Cameron announced his £50 million investment into the Silicon Roundabout suggesting that the Government were fully behind Tech City investments and wanted East London to pump blood into the tech scene across the UK. This kept us happy and optimistic about the future of Hackney, but on the back burner Rt Hon Eric Pickles was working on a policy that changes development rights: from commercial to residential.

The consequences of this aren’t that low income families will be placed in luxury apartments built on brown field sites, rather that small businesses, startups, startup incubators and coworking facilities will be competing with the loft market. If this policy is put in place then the  area on the map below will face significant challenges for the future of companies like Shoreditch Works, The Trampery and other coworking hubs, not to mention the hundreds of small businesses who will be rejected in favour of low density maximum value:

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We’re meeting at The Trampery tomorrow @ 14:00 to discuss what we can do, the more people the better, confirm your attendance to

Most importantly, the deadline for the petitions is today, please print, sign and scan this letter and send to:

Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP 
Secretary of State
Department of Communities and Local Government
Eland House
Bressenden Place
United Kingdom

Secretary of State

Changes in Permitted Development Rights – office use to residential use

My company would like to write in support of Hackney Council exemption bid for the Changes in Permitted Development Rights – commercial to residential use

I strongly believe that this legislation will have a major impact on Hackney’s business community and the local economy – sitting as it does right on the City of London’s fringe. Many of our business locations would be adversely affected by this policy as the area is coveted as a residential location. This could put our business at risk and may potentially lead to forced relocation and loss of jobs for local people in an area where unemployment is already high.

We also believe that it is important to keep a proportion of the local building stock as a business district to ensure a balanced and mixed community; something that the Department of communities and Local Government actively promotes.

We strongly urge you to agree a full exemption for Hackney to ensure that the area remains a thriving business location making an important contribution to the economic prosperity of the Country.

Yours Faithfully