Shoreditch Works Foundation fosters talent in Hackney
The Shoreditch Works Foundation runs a series of social programmes designed to inspire the youth of Hackney with the possibilities of a career in the digital future and provide education, employment opportunities and a positive environment that encourages creation and interaction.

Get Hybrid – A vision for renewal after the London riots

TeenTechCity – ShoreditchWorks supported a collaboration with Teen Tech – Maggie Philbin’s social enterprise program of lively one day events to help teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology – and Tech City to create TeenTechCity, an event for 150 children from Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Newham at the Olympics park.

Young Rewired State – this charity finds and fosters the young children and teenagers who are driven to teaching themselves how to code. Shoreditch Works is the only YRS centre in Hackney for their 2012 summer programme.

Internships – Programme to help local schools place paid interns at local startups and companies. Working with Ian Ashman, Principal at Hackney Community College, and ongoing discussions with City University and Haggerston School.

Hackney Council – We are collaborating with the Council by supporting CityCamp, planned for October 2012, which is being run by Matt Clack, supporting Overview & Scrutiny Officer Performance, Policy & Delivery Chief Executive’s Directorate, London Borough of Hackney. Ideally we would run the event at 239 Old Street, although time frames would be tight. We will help bring the local startup and application developer community onboard for the event.

Shoreditch Safari – Small groups of local school children meet local businesses, and learn more about working life in Shoreditch, getting a feel for opportunities in both digital businesses and the booming local craft industries.

Startup Speaker Bureau – We have a list of Inspiring speaker volunteers from local startups ready to go to schools to gives talks at assemblies, helping students in Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets understand future, local opportunities in the digital economy. Kicking off next term.

The Big Competition – Find two Hackney youngsters (18-24) and support them in launching
a tech business with space, business support and mentors. Partners include Horizon and ELBA/Linklaters.