Why Having The Best Toilet Is Very Important For Your Business

While it can be overlooked most of the time a proper toilet is one of the most crucial parts of your business, this counts for all kinds of business, restaurants, offices, repair shops and everything that may cross your mind. Today I will reveal some of the most important reasons as to why picking the right toilet¬†and keeping them as clean as possible, this is important for both you and your team and especially your potential customers. Well without further ado, let’s dive deeper into it.

The first reason …

23 Businesses to Start on Campus for College Students!

College students: Do you dream of starting your own business? Don’t wait until you graduate. Here are some great ideas for businesses you can start now to make a little extra cash and gain the entrepreneurial skills employers are looking for.

Babysitting Network For Evening And Weekend Students
Many non-traditional students who take classes at night are in need of child care services. Coordinate a network of “sitters” who can provide babysitting services while parents are in class.

The Businesses You Can Start As A Student

Moving Company/Car Loading And

Unethical Employer Activities Employees Suffer Through

Have you ever worked for an employer with unethical methods? You might have and not even known or realized it. Unethical employers are not limited to just sexual harassment or asking out employees. Unethical employers do more than just harass employees or verbally abuse employees. Unethical employers are usually immoral and walk the line of illegal activity. I’m not talking about illegal activities that only hurt the government or themselves, I’m talking about hurting the employees.

Recently, my husband had the misfortune of working for someone who was unscrupulous. The …

Freelance Writers: How to Say No to Clients

Very few freelance writers are rich – that is, unless they have another job or they’ve come into a mighty big inheritance. That is why many freelance writers take on too many jobs at once, hoping that they can get ahead financially. But there is a limit to how many words you can write in a day – and how many projects you can reasonably manage.
First, I would advise that you purchase a wall calendar or date book that is reserved specifically for your freelance writing jobs. Each time …

How to Edit a Business Picture/Brochure

If you are creating a brochure, pamphlet or any other advertising material for a business and plan on using photos, you need to edit the pictures to better fit your needs. However, you must take a few areas into consideration to make the image more appealing, such as time stamps, business logos and negative space. Checking these specific areas of your business photos and correcting any issues you have can keep the images legal to use.

Remove any date and time stamps placed on the picture. These often appear in …

Business Training is Key, Especially When It’s Free

Mentorship is a great form of training. In my new role, I am mentored by a business owner with years of expertise. We discussed the importance of training good leadership. We disused invaluable free training designed to help grow individuals and organizations. In my training, I noticed three things that I was amazed to learn about training. These three keys are such that I was thankful to get them as I grew in my own efforts.

Training Is Key: Especially When It Is Free

“I don’t fly, so I’m going …