23 Businesses to Start on Campus for College Students!

College students: Do you dream of starting your own business? Don’t wait until you graduate. Here are some great ideas for businesses you can start now to make a little extra cash and gain the entrepreneurial skills employers are looking for.

Babysitting Network For Evening And Weekend Students
Many non-traditional students who take classes at night are in need of child care services. Coordinate a network of “sitters” who can provide babysitting services while parents are in class.

The Businesses You Can Start As A Student

Moving Company/Car Loading And Unloading Service

Rent trucks and sell your services to students who don’t want to waste their time loading and unloading boxes and carrying them to the top floor of their dorms.

Sponsored Notebook Giveaway

Provide free notebooks to students, sponsored with ads on the back from local businesses. The businesses pay for ad space, and you get their name out to students. What a partnership!

Finals Survival Kits

Make them and market them to parents as a surprise “gift” they can send to their sons and daughters during the difficult and stressful time of finals week.

Airport Transportation Service

Offer to provide students to and from the airport for breaks and holidays at a small cost. (You will need a dependable car for this one!)

Unofficial Sports Team Site

Create an unofficial website for your school’s most popular sports team. Sell apparel, gain sponsorship from local restaurants and other businesses and market the site to fans.

Logo Boxers

Sell boxer shorts with logos for special events on campus – much more creative than the typical t-shirt idea!

Tutoring Service

If you’re skilled in a certain subject, offer your services as a tutor for students in need of a little extra help. You can even market yourself to local elementary and high schools, so that teachers can refer their students to you.

Birthday Cake Baking

Take orders for, make, sell and deliver birthday cakes. Market yourself in the dorms to students who might want to buy a cake for their friends!

Room Supplies

During move-in week and the beginning of each new term, set up a stand to sell much-needed, last minute supplies to the new students, such as TV cable cords, sticky tack and storage crates.

Teach A Musical Instrument

Play guitar, piano, or another musical instrument? Give on-campus lessons to students and charge an hourly fee.

Make And Sell Crafts

Make crafts that students can buy for their friends’ birthdays, for Christmas or Valentine’s Day (promote them heavily around the holidays). You can make candles, flower arrangements, bookmarks and lots more.

Cleaning Service

Provide cleaning services to fraternity and sorority houses, as well as other student housing both on and off-campus. You’d be surprised at what some students will pay to NOT have to clean their own houses!

Computer Setup & Maintenance Service

Be the ultimate computer setup and maintenance source! Promote your services for helping non-tech savvy students set up their computers in the dorms and get hooked up on the network, as well as doing random computer maintenance services.


If you have a knack for cutting hair, why not provide your services in the dorms to the low-budget college student at a small price? Beats paying 30 bucks for a haircut any day!

Event Promotion Service

Student organizations are always having big events and fundraisers on campus, and it takes a lot of manpower to promote the event – hanging flyers, calling newspapers and sending mailers. Begin a service that will, at a cost, provide all of the manpower so that they don’t have to do a thing.

Band Booking Service

There will undoubtedly be student bands that form on campus. Be their connection for booking shows at local establishments – clubs, restaurants, etc.

Laundry Service

Set up a laundry service in your dorm once a week where students can drop off their laundry and, for a price, you will wash, dry and fold it for them to pick up later.

Artwork Sales

If you have an artistic side, why not sell your artwork to students for decorating their dorms? Students are always looking for unique touches for their rooms. Your artwork could provide just the addition they are looking for.

Income Tax Service

Between January and April 15th, provide income tax services to students around campus. Not too many people enjoy the hassle of filing their taxes – do it for them for a small fee!

Car Repair Service

If you know cars, you can provide a repair service to students that can compete with any local car repair business. You are right on-site, and can charge much less than most places, so you’ll be quite a commodity when a student needs an oil change or a battery replaced!

Singing Serenades

Get some of your vocally talented friends together and provide a “singing serenade” service. Sell your singing services and offer to show up at sweethearts’ doors for Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, Christmas and birthdays.

Sports Souvenir Sales

Work out a deal with the athletic department at your school to give away fan knick-knacks to the student section at school sporting events, such as noisemakers, towels and signs. Get sponsors from local businesses to pay you for allowing them to advertise on them.

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