Unethical Employer Activities Employees Suffer Through

Have you ever worked for an employer with unethical methods? You might have and not even known or realized it. Unethical employers are not limited to just sexual harassment or asking out employees. Unethical employers do more than just harass employees or verbally abuse employees. Unethical employers are usually immoral and walk the line of illegal activity. I’m not talking about illegal activities that only hurt the government or themselves, I’m talking about hurting the employees.

Recently, my husband had the misfortune of working for someone who was unscrupulous. The owner like most owners would cut corners. Cutting corners is okay until customers complain. The problem was the owner wouldn’t make good on the work that was done. My poor husband would have to stay late by himself to correct other worker’s errors.

Being the manager my husband didn’t get paid any extra for staying and the only reason the work had to be fixed was the work wasn’t done to the manager’s specifications and yet the manager had to fix it. Had the work been done the way it was explained the first time no one would have had to fix it. Customers were always angry. The owner didn’t want to do anything to appease them. In fact the owner would cause most of the problems by going behind the manager and telling employees to do something differently to save money, which always cost more money in the long run.

What employers do that is unethical and illegal is doing write-ups on someone that has already been fired, just so that person wouldn’t be able to collect unemployment. My husband watched in horror as the assistant manager wrote up a former employee six times to look like gross negligence just so the man couldn’t collect unemployment all because the owner told her to do it. Needless to say my husband quit the job less than a month later because the owner was always doing something bordering on illegal.

Two employees sat down with the owner, one would get Thanksgiving 4 day weekend and one would get Christmas four day weekend with pay. The one that took the Christmas weekend not only worked most of Christmas Eve but didn’t even get paid for it. He didn’t get the other two days pay either. That is definitely illegal but without costing yourself money you can’t fight.

Unethical things employers do:

1. If there is an employee that doesn’t clock in and out, the employer won’t pay the salary for the day and there is no record. Where ever you work make sure there is a time clock even if you are salary.

2. Writing up employees after they quit or are fired so the employee can’t claim unemployment.

3. Making employees work through lunch with out pay especially if they are salaried.

4. Verbally abusing employees on a personal level or professional level.

5. Throwing professionalism out the window, not standing behind their company and blaming other people for what they do by themselves.

6. Employers being dishonest.

7. Verbally telling an employee he or she would be paid one thing and paying a different amount.

8. Giving favoritism to one employee over another.

9. If an employer is constantly accusing other people of stealing with out any reason stay away from that employer. That employer is going to be dishonest and is treating everyone as he or she should be treated.

If you have a dishonest employer your only hope is to leave. When his or her empire falls you don’t want to be caught in the illegal activity that you may not know about or that you are turning a blind eye to because you want to keep your job. No job is worth getting in trouble for someone else.

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