Why Having The Best Toilet Is Very Important For Your Business

While it can be overlooked most of the time a proper toilet is one of the most crucial parts of your business, this counts for all kinds of business, restaurants, offices, repair shops and everything that may cross your mind. Today I will reveal some of the most important reasons as to why picking the right toilet and keeping them as clean as possible, this is important for both you and your team and especially your potential customers. Well without further ado, let’s dive deeper into it.

The first reason and also the most important reason as to why the toilet should be in adequate shape at all times is because a clean facility will keep the germs at bay and minimize the risks of spread. This is especially important for restaurants and schools, where outbreaks can be disastrous. Nobody wants to find any kind of virus or bacteria in their meal or flying around in public places, and toilets are the first stop of many bacteria, so be cautious about that.

Productivity and efficiency tools are employed all the time in businesses and workplaces, also in schools as well. However, one of the most overlooked areas is bathrooms. Yes, you read that right. Toilets are one of the most important parts of keeping your workforce in tip-top shape and effective.

One of the biggest losses in every business, especially in the US are sick days, with each worker taking an average of 2 sick days every year due to inadequate hygiene at work. You should also know that just a quarter of office workers wash their hands after a bathroom visit, meaning that the rest will spread germs at all times. To minimize this keep the toilets clean at all times, and encourage your employees to wash their hands after each toilet visit, with signs and other forms.

A proper bathroom also is a reflection of the quality of your business. Most of us including me, always visit the toilet of a restaurant or a company in my first visit, to see if it is up to standards. While it may sound a little strange, if the toilets and well maintained at all times, this will mean that no area of the business is overlooked. This is especially true for the hospitality business. This doesn’t mean just to keep your bathroom clean, but decorate it tastefully to go along with the overall vibe of your workplace, also remember to keep the toilets stoked with soaps, hand sanitizers, towels or hand dryers, and toilet paper, also without forgetting air fresheners are also super important.

Without forgetting I should also remind you that a sanitary and hygienic toilet and workplace is one of the biggest rights of your employees. Keeping your toilets clean and in tip-top shape will not only result in better productivity and less sick days but the enhanced mood of your employees.

I hope that I have stressed the importance of having a proper toilet in your business and I want you to encourage everyone to do the same.

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